Attention scale model builders:

It’s time to up your game.


Are you struggling to take more than just snapshots of your builds?


Do you want your build photos to show better on social media but you know little or nothing about exposure, subject lighting, and composition?


Maybe you just want to create professional-looking images worthy of hanging on your wall?


Scale Model Art can help.


Written by a modeling hobbyist, for modeling hobbyists, Scale Model Art will help take your build photography to the next level.


Created with the average modeling hobbyist in mind, the author uses his own builds (flaws and all) and the corner of a room in his home to show you how to:


• Finally understand photographic exposure and color balance.


• Examples of typical home studios for modeling images with examples ranging from low cost to the well-equipped.


• Use of photographic tools and equipment for photographing small, scale model subjects, including some DIY examples.


• Understand concepts required for making miniature subjects look like the real thing.


• Compose and shoot more compelling compositions that really show off your scale modeling skills.

Along the way, the author uses a DSLR-style camera and lenses to unlock the mysteries of the photographic process and how to apply it directly to your build images.  He also shows how you can use a simple cellphone camera to apply the same knowledge.  And to cap it all off, several case studies are provided at the end of the book where you can follow step-by-step as the author creates several typical build photos.


You spend a lot of time honing your kit-building skills and achieving professional results.  Your work deserves more than half-hearted snapshots.


Nows the time to up your game.




How to take a picture

The basics.  How do you get a good exposure from a beginners perspective.


Understanding light

Knowing the different ways light affects your photographs will help you improve them.  Here we discuss attributes of light such as color, direction, and hardness.


Tools of the trade

Learn a little about the cameras and equipment that can be used to take scale model photographs, including lights, light modifiers, hardware, backgrounds, and some example of home studio setups.


Getting quality images

A properly exposed photo that’s blurry or has strange colors is not a good image.  Learn the technical tips and tricks to getting high-quality images.



The artistic side of photography.  Learn how to turn a simple snapshot into something more compelling.


Creating realism

The nuts and bolts of making your miniature builds look like their real-world subjects.


Putting it all together

Walk through a typical photo session to learn how everything comes together.


Case studies

Step-by-step guides to creating some typical scale model photos.  Some examples include workbench images, detail/macro images, simulated outdoor scenes taken in your studio, aircraft in flight, and outdoor forced perspective photos.





Jeff Bartelt is a USA-based professional photographer with a background in product, landscapes, portraiture, and aerial photography.  Simply put, he likes to photograph “stuff”, everything from classic cars and aircraft to for-sale trinkets and nature’s finest scenes.  He is also an addicted  scale model hobbyist.


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